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RebirthRO Dev stream is a video stream hosted by the Rebirthro Staff to showcase upcoming content, maps, quests, mobs etc to players and this also provides an unique opportunity for players to direct questions at the staff and get answers.

Link for the stream  :
Next Dev Stream date : Mid August

March 2016 Dev Stream

This stream was held on March 29, 2016, hosted by Luxuri, Morpheus and Citrus.

Time line of the stream
1:25 We have an announcement!!
2:51 Citrus actually announces the new GMs, after a minute and a half of us giggling.
5:28 We attempt to outline the dev stream prior to really getting into the meat of it
7:04 Lux starts talking about the specifics of the new client
10:43 We realize that my hair is what is erroring Citrus forever
12:14 We get back on track to talking about new client features
14:00 We move on to the minimap
15:54 We move on to the new status icons underneath your hp/sp window
16:58 We talk about the neat new identification feature of the new client
18:38 Brief discussion on the party booking window
20:15 We look at the maps, and a very special one made by our very own Von Sky
22:18 We then look over the new and improved bank button and how it will replace the shitty Bank NPCs
23:00 We discuss why @mail in the new client doesn't work and the reason behind it
24:26 We don't want to get your hopes up... but floor glitches should be fixed!
25:45 /cashshop is a command now to hide the cashshop button (but please do still donate and buy things!)
26:15 We talk about how items will now have their restrictions (trade/storage, etc.) listed in their descriptions
28:48 And now we begin the long-awaited discussion of the "Battle" button
30:00 Casual racism against the French
32:10 The first of the new Battlegrounds modes (Stone Control)
34:55 Reiteration of the Thor v Loki BG Match (Coming soon)
35:50 Pro strats from Lux for Stone Control
36:15 Talking about "leader" in the Battlegrounds queue and how that can affect
37:35 We now talk about how you can @veto things in the Battlegrounds queue
38:45 The second of the new Battlegrounds modes (Domination)
39:20 We address the concerns about the battle badges and how they'll work within the confines of a new queue system
42:00 We talk about team sizes for the Battlegrounds queues
43:15 We mention how AFK'ers will be affected by the Battlegrounds queue system
44:56 Good job, Thor, population on the rise!
45:26 Back to talking about the queue'ing system, and explaining how hard Lux has been working on it
46:06 We start talking about all the different BG games that are now available to you with the new system
46:45 Morpheus makes a view goal that never gets hit because y'all a bunch of bitches
47:15 The start of the third Battleground mode (Rush)
47:51 Meet Garmperium
50:40 We tell Citrus to use a third job skill to kill Garmperium...
52:13 We veto a BG for the first time, and it works!
52:55 The start of the fourth Battleground mode (Eye of the Storm)
55:35 "Will there be anything new to the BG catalogue?"
58:45 We discuss the finer parts of how BG balancing is going to go
1:00:15 We discuss the apparently obscene number of "event" mobs that the server has the ability to spawn
1:05:34 The start of the fifth Battleground mode (Triple Inferno)
1:07:30 We're done showing off BG modes, so we leave the queue here
1:11:03 Welcome to Port Malaya
1:12:35 Brief overview of what Port Malaya has to offer
1:15:15 We start to show off some of the Port Malaya items so that you can discuss them with us
1:16:00 The start of just casual racism towards names we can't pronounce. We apologize.
1:23:15 We start talking about the MvP cards and gears. Lux starts by reading out effects, then that quickly ends. Pause at every item from here on out in order to see effects.
1:28:10 I start talking @ Thor. Thorians, this is all for you baes.
1:31:50 Faceworm hype for Thor!
1:36:50 Bubbles work fine for Kraken, you guys. Just fine.
1:38:05 I run through the list for Thor's upcoming maint
1:41:05 Lux runs through the list for Loki's upcoming maint
1:46:30 The long-awaited Frog Day 2k16 update.
1:50:08 The end of the Frog Day 2k16 update, onwards to showing off the dressing room!
1:55:55 The beginning of the Q&A Section. I advise you to honestly just watch the entire Q&A if nothing else in order to get a good idea of how we think on a lot of different subjects.

February 2016 Dev Stream

This stream was held on February 19, 2016, hosted by Luxuri, Morpheus and Wiggin.

Time line of the stream
3:30 - Stream actually sort of starts
8:30 - Lux shows off his "new" client
13:15 - Lux starts showing off the expansion to Glast to the Past, starting with Far Harbor
15:00 - Lux starts showing off the Nameless Island of the Past
16:00 - Lux expresses the importance of fog on his maps
16:43 - The bullshit slip of the tongue that started the Frog Day trend
19:00 - We make it inside of the abbey so Lux can show us more of the map
20:15 - The first promise for a named Frog Day NPC
22:00 - Wiggin makes his appearance after a brief cut in the stream and I fill him in on Frog Day
22:50 - Lux's next map for the Abbey Expansion (Patent pending on that name)
24:50 - Explanation on how to mine for fish
25:45 - Thor plug about getting custom stuff moved in
27:50 - Talk about reverting the engrish kRO skill names back to normal
29:10 - Next map for Abbey Expansion, the floating garden thing.
32:05 - We go into the second floor of the floating garden area
33:45 - I warned you about stairs, bro
39:09 - Geffen Past Map Introduction and first map
40:08 - Another new Geffen Past Map!
42:42 - Warp into a dungeon that errored the shit out of me and Wiggin forever as well as a more nuanced discussion on instance fights a la Fluffy
47:15 - Lux shows us Furry Bascojin who is the MvP of the Abbey Expansion area
49:50 - We go into the Geffenia Past Maps
52:18 - The Wiggin Seesaw
1:01:00 - Talking about Frog Day all over again
1:02:15 - Moving on to actual content discussion instead of pure bullshit
1:08:44 - Lux starts to show/explain Melanis to us
1:18:20 - Lux starts to show us his Eden Group additions
1:27:40 - Lux shows off the new Item Mall area
1:30:30 - I butcher the shit out of Lux's accent
1:45:00 - I list off the Thor skill fixes coming up for next maint
1:55:10 - Prologue to showing off Nightmare Clock Tower for Thor
1:59:00 - Showing off Nightmare Clock Tower
2:01:10 - Talk about Instances for Thor
2:06:55 - Lux and I start the Q&A Portion of the Stream