Enhancing Clip Quest

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Margaret likes to see adventurers wearing her Clip of Consciousness. So, she decided that she will help people enhance their Clip of Consciousness into something better.


  • Warp to Moscovia.
  • Head north-west, out of the city gate and make your way around the island. Keep following the path until you see Ghasly Visitor (Located at 144 159).
  • Talk to Ghasly Visitor and purchase a 32226.gif Skeleton Key if you do not have one already, for 1,000,000 Zeny.
  • Talk to him again with the Skeleton Key in your inventory and you will be warped to Somatology Laboratory F4.
  • Walk around the map, and work your way to the Upper-left center area. Keep searching until you find Margaret (Located at 49, 173).
  • Bring her the required items to make the Enhancing Clip.

Required Items


Complete this quest and you will receive an 32370.gif Enhancing Clip.