Drooping Amistr Quest

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Amy is one of the famous quadruplets in Lighthalzen. She has been working on creating Food for the cute Amistrs by turning Bag of Grains into something that Amistrs would eat. If you help her, she would give you a fabulous hat that looks just like an Amistr!


  • Warp to Lighthalzen (@go 20).
  • Walk west until you see Amy (Located at 79, 92) in a group of NPCs. She will ask for a Bag of Grain.

Amy updated.jpg

577.gif 1 Bag of Grain.
  • She will turn your Bag of grain into Amistr's Feed and give it to you if you bring her the items required.
  • Keep talking to her and she'll ask you for an Amistr's Eye to complete the headgear.
  • Bring her this item to finish the quest and obtain your Drooping Amistr.

Required Items



Drooping Amistr.png

Complete this quest and you will receive a 32288.gif Drooping Amistr.